Tires & Alignments

Alignments & Suspension Set-ups

Excessive tire wear and steering issues can make your car’s handling difficult. It could mean that your wheel alignment is out of synch. However, if you feel a vibration on the steering wheel and/or seat at highway speeds, this could mean your wheels need to be balanced. These two issues can be easily confused. Leaving them as is can potentially cause permanent damage to some components on your vehicle.

Custom Suspension Set-ups

We have the same capabilities to get your track or race car’s suspension geometry set-up custom for the specific application of driving on track.


As a Tire Rack authorized dealer and installer, we can order the best tires for your European car and have them installed on a convenient appointment basis. Our tire experts can make the best recommendations for the right tire to guy for your application and take care of the rest right here, in-house.

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