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Check Engine Light

Don’t waste any more time or money at the dealership, we have the exact same equipment and software to find the source of the problem.

Maintenance & Repairs

Whether you need a light fixed or a full-fledged repair to your engine, we offer some of the best facilities and technicians in the entire region – not just Dallas.

Oil Change

Without this essential maintenance, your vehicle will perform less efficiently and could result in engine warp and burn out.


The transmission works in conjunction with the engine to ultimately provide power to your car’s wheels and tires. Automatic Transmissions in European vehicles contribute a significant role in the overall performance.

Electrical / Battery

Got a glitch? Is your battery not holding a charge? We can identify the source of the problem, fix it and get you back on the road in no time.

Suspension & Brakes

Brake and suspension jobs are one of our specialties. Come and let us take a closer look at the wear and tear to make sure you really need new ones in the first place.

Alignments & Tires

Tires balding? Steering wheel shaking when you go fast? We specialize in a wide range of tire and alignment issues across many foreign makes and models.

Air Conditioning – A/C Service

It’s just a little warm out there, isn’t it? You know that it is not much fun to be sitting inside your beautiful car – sticking to the fine leather seats just because the air conditioner is not working well. whether it is warm air blowing out of the vents, air that is not as cold as it should be, or the air is not blowing out at all. We can help with any sort of air conditioning repair or service you might need.

Cooling System

Servicing your Foreign car engine cooling system issues can save the life of your engine. The cooling system prevents engine overheats and excess strain on other components. Servicing the coolant will prevent it from turning acidic and eating into the engine block.

Do you think all types of car engine coolant are the same? You could be setting yourself up for a major headache. If you are experiencing coolant level warnings, contact us right away.

Performance Upgrades

Looking to upgrade your car with performance parts? Find our why the top car buffs in North Texas upgrade their upgrades with us.

DriveTrain / PowerTrain Malfunction

Is your BMW in “Limp Home Mode”? Does your BMW shake at all, particularly when you first start the car?

If you see the error “Maximum Drivetrain Output Not Available” message, it’s time to have us look at it ASAP!

Happy Customers

I dropped my E46 M3 off with Robert who is a service adviser at Autoscope for sunroof repairs and a windshield replacement. He informed me of various repair options and even took the time to introduce a technician who showed me what happened with my sunroof and how it would be repaired. The price was hundreds of dollars less expensive the BMW of Dallas and the service was infinitely better. My M3 was cleaned inside and out before I picked it up and Robert was there to help me through the check out. I will only be bringing my vehicle to them from now on.

Joseph Benefield

I came here with some concerns for my car and was met with friendliness, respect, and honesty regarding the condition of my vehicle. I was able to come in within the hour I called to do a test drive and take the car in for an inspection, and within 3 hours was called regarding its condition. Brian and his team were incredibly helpful in assessing not only my car, but also my personal financial situation. They helped me find ways to cut costs and figure out the best solution for me. Not to mention, there is a shuttle service that dropped me off at work and picked me up to come get my car as well! I am extremely impressed with the service provided and definitely recommend this place to anyone with a car in need of some TLC.

Eva Vailionis

Always a great experience at Autoscope. Brian & team are excellent and experienced mechanics. The reason I continue to take my foreign cars for servicing here is summed up in one word: Trust. I never get surprised with recommendations for additional work, because the diagnosis is always complete at the onset of any service – no “add-ons” . The repairs/servicing administered are thorough and lasting.

Robert Salisbury