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AUTOSCOPE is a Family owned European automotive repair company. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service, the highest quality of repair, and strive to build long-lasting relationships with our customers and their vehicles. We are a value-driven company, and our team of dedicated specialists strives to the complete satisfaction of every client that brings their car to our facility for repair or pampering.


Full-Service Jaguar Auto Service / Repair Shops in Dallas and Plano

Well, look no further. AUTOSCOPE is here for you.

When it comes to Jaguar maintenance or repair, Dallas and Plano have a few places to choose from…but why not choose the best? Jaguar customers have been trusting their vehicle’s with AUTOSCOPE and our passionate, experienced and professional team of mechanics.
We provide you with excellent quality service from factory-trained technicians at reasonable prices.
We see an enthusiast with a passion for their Jaguar looking for fellow enthusiasts to discuss their project with.
We see a busy professional who doesn’t have time for the Jaguar dealer’s antics and waiting games.
We have all the same capabilities as the dealer at a significantly lower cost to save you money.


Servicing Jaguar Owners for over 40 years!

There’s more to servicing your Jaguar than just changing your oil. Nobody works with you more than AUTOSCOPE to help keep your Jaguar in top shape on the road and manage your expense.

AUTOSCOPE’s factory-trained technicians employ the latest diagnostic equipment, including custom-fabricated lifts designed to completely mitigate any impact on your vehicle, to the latest diagnostic tools; AUTOSCOPE has everything needed to turn your Jaguar repair around promptly, professionally, and impeccably.

Battery Replacement
Engine Repair
Oil Change
Tire Rotation

What Sets AUTOSCOPE Apart

Highest quality materials & workmanship with prompt & courteous customer service

We know you rely on your Jaguar for shuttling kids, safe transportation, and enjoyable road trips. We realize you’re also an enthusiast, with a passion for fellow enthusiasts to discuss their project with. We see a busy professional who doesn’t have time for the Jaguar dealer’s antics and waiting games, nor gets fooled by cheap coupons enticing you with unrealistic, too-good-to-be-true prices.

3 Year Warranty

We back our work by providing a 3-year 36,000-mile warranty on all of our labor.

Save Time & Money

We use our extensive knowledge of your car and previous repairs to work efficiently and effectively, saving you time and money.

Dealer Capabilities, Independent Service

We have the same European car factory diagnostic tools and equipment as the dealer.

Experience & Expertise

Over 40 years of experience working on all European car models with the most qualified certified European car repair technicians.

Free Shuttle Service

Need a ride? Take advantage of our free shuttle service from your home or office Monday-Friday during regular business hours.

Courtesy Car Wash

Need your car cleaned? No problem! Each service includes a courtesy hand wash and vacuum.


We Will Service Your Jaguar At Any Location

AUTOSCOPE works with you to help keep your Jaguar in top shape. From the latest precision equipment, including custom-fabricated lifts designed to completely mitigate any impact on your vehicle, to the latest factory-diagnostic tools, AUTOSCOPE has everything needed to turn your Jaguar repair around promptly, professionally, and perfectly.

Park Cities

6134 Denton Dr
Dallas, TX 75235

(214) 350-3050


601 Coit Rd
Plano, TX 75075

(972) 867-7467

White Rock

9796 Ferguson Rd
Dallas, TX 75228

(214) 320-8280


What People Are Saying

You’ll find our Jaguar technicians working in a state-of-the-art facility designed to meet our customers’ needs. Jaguar customers have trusted their vehicles with AUTOSCOPE and our passionate, experienced, and professional team of mechanics for over 40 years; come and see how we can win you over from your present Jaguar service center, and you’ll be glad you did.

Top Jaguar Mechanics in Dallas

Deep within the vibrant veins of Dallas, Texas, lies a gem that has, for over 40 years, been the go-to sanctuary for Jaguar enthusiasts – Autoscope. A place where the heritage, luxury, and intricate engineering of Jaguar vehicles are not just understood but revered. From the sleek elegance of the XF, the majestic stance of the F-PACE, to the timeless allure of the XJ, Autoscope stands unmatched as the premier hub for Jaguar care in Dallas.

But what precisely makes Autoscope the epitome of Jaguar expertise in the region? Beyond its vast legacy spanning four decades, it’s the caliber and depth of knowledge possessed by their mechanics. Each technician isn’t merely trained; they’re certified, ensuring that every Jaguar, irrespective of its model and age, is handled with unparalleled proficiency and acute attention to detail. The roaring spirit of the Jaguar brand, characterized by its blend of luxury, performance, and British craftsmanship, is deeply ingrained in the ethos of Autoscope. This passionate embrace of Jaguar’s essence is mirrored in every repair, service, and consultation offered at their esteemed establishment.

Recognizing the significant investment and trust that Jaguar owners place in their prized vehicles, Autoscope doesn’t merely stop at offering top-tier technical services. They go a step further. To underscore their unwavering confidence in their workmanship and to instill a sense of deep-seated trust among their clientele, Autoscope offers warranties on their services. This commitment is not just a business strategy; it’s a reflection of their dedication to upholding the legacy and prestige of every Jaguar that rolls into their service bays.

The Autoscope experience is, however, not just about unparalleled mechanical expertise. It’s about the holistic journey—a celebration of the Jaguar brand, an understanding of its history, and a keen anticipation of its future. For Jaguar owners in Dallas, entrusting their vehicle to Autoscope means becoming a part of a rich tapestry that values the perfect blend of heritage, luxury, and technical perfection.

In the expansive landscape of automotive care in Dallas, Autoscope emerges not just as a service center but as a haven where Jaguars are revered, celebrated, and meticulously cared for. So, for those who believe that their Jaguar deserves nothing short of excellence, the roads, undoubtedly, lead to Autoscope – where passion, expertise, and a 40-year legacy come together to breathe life back into every Jaguar.


Full List of Services Performed

AUTOSCOPE offers everything your Jaguar needs to stay in top shape, whether it’s repair, maintenance, or even high-performance or track-oriented upgrades.

Air Conditioning
Air Filter
Battery Replacement
Air Brakes
Check Engine Light
Computer Diagnostics
Cold Air Intake
Cooling System
Engine Repair
Engine Replacement
Exhaust Systems
Fluid Flush
Fuel Filter
Fuel Injection
Headlight Replacement
Oil Change & Lube
Pre-Purchase Inspection
Scheduled Maintenance
Spark Plugs
Tire Rotation
Wheel Alignment

Why Jaguar Service Matters

Jaguars, with their sleek designs and advanced features, demand a maintenance approach that matches their high standards. Autoscope understands this need deeply. With a team of factory-trained technicians, the service center is a hub of expertise equipped to handle the most intricate of Jaguar’s needs. From the heart-thumping performance of the F-Type to the stately grace of the XJ, each model requires a keen eye and skilled hand for maintenance and repairs, which is the forte of Autoscope’s professionals.

Why not just any garage, one might ask? Well, Jaguars are not your everyday cars, and they shouldn’t be treated as such. The intricate designs of their engines, the specific calibration of their suspension systems, and the precision of their electrical components mean that a generic approach to maintenance simply won’t do. Autoscope prides itself on providing tailored services that acknowledge the uniqueness of each Jaguar model.

The cost of overlooking specialized service can be steep for Jaguar owners. While Jaguars are renowned for their durability and performance, even the smallest oversight can lead to significant issues down the line. Autoscope’s proactive maintenance service is designed to prevent such outcomes, catching potential issues before they evolve into expensive repairs. By leveraging the latest diagnostic tools and adhering to a meticulous maintenance schedule, Autoscope ensures that every Jaguar they service is treated to the highest level of care.

Additionally, Autoscope’s dedication to service goes beyond just technical expertise. They recognize that every Jaguar owner values their time, and as such, they offer a streamlined service experience designed to get you back on the road as swiftly and safely as possible. The convenience of a local Dallas-based service, coupled with the assurance of dealer-level capabilities, makes Autoscope an ideal choice for Jaguar servicing.

Jaguar owners are not just drivers; they are enthusiasts who appreciate the finer things in life. They understand that their vehicle is a significant investment—one that deserves the best care. Autoscope rises to the occasion by not only meeting the technical service requirements of Jaguar cars but also by ensuring that the entire service experience is as luxurious and satisfying as the cars they maintain. After all, maintaining a Jaguar is not just about preserving a car; it’s about upholding a legacy of luxury and performance that has been cherished across generations.

The Cost of Jaguar Ownership

Autoscope understands that for Jaguar owners, their vehicles are more than just a means of transportation; they’re a significant investment that requires meticulous care. The annual cost of maintaining a Jaguar can be a determining factor for potential owners. It is a known fact that luxury vehicles, with their advanced technology and specialized parts, can incur higher maintenance costs compared to their non-luxury counterparts. Jaguars, with their British engineering finesse, stand in a category that often sees maintenance figures that are higher than average, particularly as the vehicle ages.

However, with Autoscope’s team of factory-trained technicians who specialize in European models, the ownership cost can be significantly mitigated. Utilizing state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and tools tailored for Jaguar vehicles, Autoscope provides comprehensive care that is designed to extend the longevity and performance of these cars. Whether it’s a classic XE or the sportier F-Type, each model receives attention to detail that aligns with the brand’s standards.

Jaguar models are not just serviced; they are cared for with a selection of the highest quality materials and parts that ensure each service extends the vehicle’s life rather than just maintaining it. This proactive approach to vehicle maintenance can help owners avoid the steep climb of costs associated with larger, more complicated repairs down the road.

Moreover, Autoscope offers a transparent breakdown of services and costs, ensuring owners are not just aware of the ‘what’ and the ‘how,’ but also the ‘why’ behind every maintenance task. The cost-effectiveness is further enhanced by a warranty on labor, a token of trust in the quality of service provided.

The truth is, while the sticker price of a Jaguar is certainly a piece of the ownership puzzle, the real art of ownership lies in the ongoing care and maintenance. Autoscope prides itself on being a partner to Jaguar owners, offering a service that ensures these vehicles continue to deliver the performance and luxury that owners expect.

Keeping Your Jaguar Purring with Autoscope Care

Every Jaguar purrs its best when tended to with a keen eye for detail and regular care. At Autoscope, we understand that your vehicle is more than just a means to get from point A to B; it’s a statement of elegance and performance that deserves nothing but the best. Our Jaguar maintenance schedule is meticulously crafted to ensure your vehicle stays in prime condition, ready to conquer the roads with grace and power.

For Jaguar owners, sticking to a schedule is not just about maintaining a car; it’s about preserving an experience. Each month, we suggest a routine check of the lights, tire pressure, and fluid levels to catch any issues before they escalate. Quarterly visits are for a more in-depth look, including engine fluids, belts, and filters, to keep everything running smoothly. Biannually, it’s crucial to assess the battery, cables, and chassis lubrication to ensure seamless journeys. And annually, a comprehensive inspection by Autoscope’s certified technicians will cover the steering, suspension, and brakes, reinforcing the safety and integrity of your beloved Jaguar.

Autoscope’s approach is preventive care at its finest, aimed at maximizing the lifespan and performance of your Jaguar. By entrusting your vehicle to us, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to the art of Jaguar maintenance. We offer not just a service, but a pledge to keep your Jaguar as exhilarating as the day it first turned heads on the Dallas roads.

Understanding Common Jaguar Repairs

Autoscope mechanics bring years of dedicated experience with European luxury cars to the fore, offering a diagnostic and repair service that’s a notch above. Whether it’s a finicky air suspension system in need of recalibration, or the subtleties of engine management systems demanding a nuanced understanding, these experts stand ready. They aren’t just mechanics; they’re seasoned pros with a passion for keeping Jaguars prowling the streets of Dallas with grace.

When it comes to maintaining the elegance and performance of a Jaguar, Autoscope is equipped to handle a spectrum of common repairs:

  • Suspension Concerns: Addressing air suspension glitches that can affect the car’s handling.
  • Brake System Maintenance: Overhauling brakes to ensure safety and performance.
  • Electrical System Repairs: Fixing the complex web of Jaguar’s electrical systems.
  • Engine Diagnostics: Utilizing advanced technology for accurate engine trouble assessment.
  • Cooling System Fixes: Preventing overheating with thorough cooling system checks.
  • Transmission Overhauls: Ensuring smooth gear shifts with detailed transmission work.

Autoscope stands as a guardian of Jaguar’s legacy, providing repairs that go beyond the nuts and bolts, ensuring each Jaguar continues to embody luxury and performance.

Importance of Specialized Jaguar Mechanics in Dallas

Owning a Jaguar is a statement of sophistication and a testament to one’s appreciation for luxury and performance. However, maintaining such a prestigious vehicle requires expertise that goes beyond the scope of general automotive repair. This is where the importance of a specialized Jaguar mechanic in Dallas comes into play. Jaguar vehicles are equipped with advanced technology and unique engineering that demand a specialized skill set for proper maintenance and repair.

A specialized Jaguar mechanic in Dallas will have the necessary training, tools, and experience to handle the complexities of Jaguar vehicles. They understand the brand’s specific maintenance schedules, diagnostic procedures, and repair techniques, ensuring that your Jaguar remains in peak condition. Furthermore, specialized mechanics often have access to genuine Jaguar parts and software updates, maintaining the integrity and value of your vehicle.

What to Look for in a Quality Jaguar Mechanic

When searching for a quality Jaguar mechanic in Dallas, several key factors should be considered to ensure that your vehicle receives the best care possible:

Certification and Training: Look for mechanics who are certified and have undergone specific training for Jaguar vehicles. Certifications from recognized automotive institutions, as well as direct training from Jaguar, indicate a high level of expertise.

Experience with Jaguar Models: Ensure the mechanic has extensive experience working with Jaguar models. Experience is crucial for understanding the nuances of different models and executing repairs efficiently and effectively.

Genuine Jaguar Parts: A reputable Jaguar mechanic should use genuine Jaguar parts for repairs and maintenance. Using genuine parts ensures compatibility and preserves your vehicle’s performance and warranty.

Advanced Diagnostic Tools: The right mechanic will utilize the latest diagnostic tools specifically designed for Jaguar vehicles. These tools allow for accurate problem identification and swift resolution.

Positive Reviews and Recommendations: Look for mechanics who have positive reviews and come highly recommended by other Jaguar owners. Customer feedback can provide insight into a mechanic’s reliability, quality of work, and customer service.