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Servicing Land Rover Owners for over 40 years!

There’s more to servicing your Land Rover than just changing your oil. Nobody works with you more than AUTOSCOPE to help keep your Land Rover in top shape on the road and manage your expense.

AUTOSCOPE’s factory-trained technicians employ the latest diagnostic equipment, including custom-fabricated lifts designed to completely mitigate any impact on your vehicle, to the latest diagnostic tools; AUTOSCOPE has everything needed to turn your Land Rover repair around promptly, professionally, and impeccably.

Battery Replacement
Engine Repair
Oil Change
Tire Rotation


Full-Service Land Rover Service / Repair Shops in Dallas and Plano

Well, look no further. AUTOSCOPE is here for you.

When it comes to Land Rover maintenance or repair, Dallas and Plano have a few places to choose from…but why not choose the best? Land Rover customers have been trusting their vehicle’s with AUTOSCOPE and our passionate, experienced and professional team of mechanics.
We provide you with excellent quality service from factory-trained technicians at reasonable prices.
We see an enthusiast with a passion for their Land Rover looking for fellow enthusiasts to discuss their project with.
We see a busy professional who doesn’t have time for the Land Rover dealer’s antics and waiting games.
We have all the same capabilities as the dealer at a significantly lower cost to save you money.

What Sets AUTOSCOPE Apart

Highest quality materials & workmanship with prompt & courteous customer service

We know you rely on your Land Rover for shuttling kids, safe transportation, and enjoyable road trips. We realize you’re also an enthusiast, with a passion for fellow enthusiasts to discuss their project with. We see a busy professional who doesn’t have time for the Land Rover dealer’s antics and waiting games, nor gets fooled by cheap coupons enticing you with unrealistic, too-good-to-be-true prices.

3 Year Warranty

We back our work by providing a 3-year 36,000-mile warranty on all of our labor.

Save Time & Money

We use our extensive knowledge of your car and previous repairs to work efficiently and effectively, saving you time and money.

Dealer Capabilities, Independent Service

We have the same European car factory diagnostic tools and equipment as the dealer.

Experience & Expertise

Over 40 years of experience working on all European car models with the most qualified certified European car repair technicians.

Free Shuttle Service

Need a ride? Take advantage of our free shuttle service from your home or office Monday-Friday during regular business hours.

Courtesy Car Wash

Need your car cleaned? No problem! Each service includes a courtesy hand wash and vacuum.


We Will Service Your Land Rover At Any Location

AUTOSCOPE works with you to help keep your Land Rover in top shape. From the latest precision equipment, including custom-fabricated lifts designed to completely mitigate any impact on your vehicle, to the latest factory-diagnostic tools, AUTOSCOPE has everything needed to turn your Land Rover repair around promptly, professionally, and perfectly.

Park Cities

6134 Denton Dr
Dallas, TX 75235

(214) 350-3050


601 Coit Rd
Plano, TX 75075

(972) 867-7467

White Rock

9796 Ferguson Rd
Dallas, TX 75228

(214) 320-8280


What People Are Saying

You’ll find our Land Rover technicians working in a state-of-the-art facility designed to meet our customers’ needs. Land Rover customers have trusted their vehicles with AUTOSCOPE and our passionate, experienced, and professional team of mechanics for over 40 years; come and see how we can win you over from your present Land Rover service center, and you’ll be glad you did.

Full List of Services Performed

AUTOSCOPE offers everything your Land Rover needs to stay in top shape, whether it’s repair, maintenance, or even high-performance or track-oriented upgrades.
Air Conditioning
Air Filter
Battery Replacement
Air Brakes
Check Engine Light
Computer Diagnostics
Cold Air Intake
Cooling System
Engine Repair
Engine Replacement
Exhaust Systems
Fluid Flush
Fuel Filter
Fuel Injection
Headlight Replacement
Oil Change & Lube
Pre-Purchase Inspection
Scheduled Maintenance
Spark Plugs
Tire Rotation
Wheel Alignment

Land Rover Care in Dallas

In the thriving heart of Texas, Dallas stands as a beacon of cultural richness and dynamic living. Among the glittering skyline and sprawling suburbs, the Land Rover has become a symbol of adventure-ready luxury, a prestigious marque that navigates the urban jungle as skillfully as it does the rugged terrain. To uphold the robustness and sophistication of these British vehicles, one needs the expertise of a specialized Land Rover mechanic in Dallas – a technician who speaks the unique language of one of the world’s most storied off-road brands.

The Essence of Specialized Land Rover Mechanics in Dallas

Owning a Land Rover is a commitment to a lifestyle that demands more than the ordinary. Dallas’s top Land Rover mechanics understand the intricacies of these vehicles, from the classic Defender to the sleek Range Rover, providing services that go beyond mere maintenance:

  • Precision Engineering Mastery: With systems as complex as those in a Land Rover, Dallas mechanics bring a level of expertise that’s as exceptional as the vehicles themselves.
  • Advanced Diagnostics: Utilizing proprietary diagnostic tools, Land Rover mechanics in Dallas can pinpoint issues with accuracy and tailor services specifically to your model.
  • Genuine Land Rover Parts: To maintain the integrity of your vehicle, only OEM parts are used, ensuring compatibility and performance.

Comprehensive Land Rover Services in Dallas

Dallas’s Land Rover mechanics offer a wide array of services designed to maintain the health and extend the life of your vehicle:

  • Routine Maintenance: Regularly scheduled services are vital for keeping your Land Rover in prime condition.
  • Engine Diagnostics and Repair: Addressing engine issues promptly and effectively, from simple fixes to complete overhauls.
  • Transmission Services: Ensuring smooth gear shifts and drivability with expert transmission care.
  • Suspension System Expertise: Land Rovers are known for their comfort and off-road capability, necessitating an impeccably maintained suspension system.

The Art of Choosing a Land Rover Mechanic in Dallas

Selecting the right mechanic for your Land Rover is a decision that affects not just the longevity of your vehicle but the quality of your driving experience:

  • Land Rover Certification: Certified mechanics have undergone rigorous training specific to Land Rover models.
  • Extensive Experience: Years of hands-on experience with various Land Rover models is a testament to a mechanic’s capability.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Positive feedback and referrals from other Land Rover owners are strong indicators of a mechanic’s reputation.

The Land Rover Community in Dallas: A Union of Passion and Prestige

Dallas’s Land Rover owners are as diverse as the city itself, from those drawn to the classic allure of the Defender to those who prefer the modern luxury of the Range Rover. Land Rover clubs and events across the city serve as hubs for owners to connect, share their experiences, and exchange tips – including where to find the best mechanic for their cherished vehicles.

Maintenance: The Key to Land Rover Longevity in Dallas

Ensuring the longevity of your Land Rover involves a commitment to regular maintenance:

  • Oil Changes: Using high-grade synthetic oil that meets Land Rover specifications is critical for engine health.
  • Brake Services: Regular inspections and maintenance of the braking system ensure your safety and the vehicle’s performance.
  • Tire Maintenance: Given the diverse terrain your Land Rover may encounter, tire care is paramount for both on-road comfort and off-road security.
  • Cooling System Upkeep: The Dallas heat can take a toll on any vehicle, making cooling system maintenance essential for preventing engine overheating.

The Zip Codes of Land Rover Service Excellence in Dallas

In the heart of Texas, the call of the wild meets urban sophistication within the postcodes of Dallas. In the prestigious 75225 and 75205 areas, Land Rover owners expect nothing less than excellence from their mechanic – a service that upholds the adventure-ready spirit and comfort of their vehicles. The energetic and diverse neighborhoods of 75209 and 75204 are home to Land Rover enthusiasts who prize a mechanic’s attention to detail and bespoke service. For those navigating the family-friendly streets of 75235 or embracing the dynamic lifestyle of 75228, finding a local mechanic with the expertise to maintain their Land Rover’s performance and reliability is a journey’s essential. In every one of these zip codes, the search for “Land Rover Mechanic Dallas” is a quest for a service that matches their Land Rover’s pedigree – one that understands the rugged elegance and robust performance synonymous with the marque.