Is Your Porsche’s Water Pump Failing?

All vehicles equipped with water pumps will have issues if driven long enough. This is no exception to the Porsche brand, known for speed and quality. In this article, we will discuss the signs of a water pump failure in a Porsche and what you can do to prevent it from happening or repaired when you see the signs.

The Purpose of a Water Pump

A water pump is a simple mechanical device but is essential in a vehicle’s performance and longevity. As the name implies, a water pump is used to pump the water and coolant that keeps your car from overheating throughout the system.

The water pump is normally driven by the car’s drive belt, which can be independent or part of a serpentine belt system. As the belt turns the pulley, fanlike blades force water and coolant throughout your vehicle’s system from the inside of the pump.

Common Signs of Failure

Now that we know what a water pump’s function is, let’s take a look at some of the signs present when a water pump is failing.

  • Leaking Water: Water pumps have what is called a weep hole installed. The purpose of the weep hole is to protect the unit when pressure builds up in the system and could cause harm to the seals.
  • One of the first symptoms of a bad water pump is that water will pour from the weep hole when the car’s engine is shut off. This is a sure sign that you need to have our Porsche taken to a certified technician to repair. The leaking water and coolant mix will be colored due to the coolant being colored.
  • Whining Sound: A whining sound coming from the area near the water pump could be a bad bearing or pulley. The pulley itself will be loose when this happens, although it is hard to check due to the belt’s tension on the pulley itself. If there are any whining sounds coming from your engine compartment, the best thing to do is have it checked out by your trusted Porsche mechanic.
  • Overheating Vehicle: When a water pump goes bad, you could lose most of the water in the cooling system. Anytime your Porsche or any other vehicle for that matter has overheating issues, be sure and have it checked out before driving any further. The overheating of the engine and transmission is catastrophic for most.


Causes of a Failed Water Pump

As discussed in the opening of this article, water pumps will eventually go bad on any vehicle due to wear over a long life. There are some causes of premature pump failure that can occur. We have gathered together these issues below.

One thing that can lead to a water pump’s premature failure on your Porsche is to ignore the required system inspections, and maintenance recommended. As an example, if poor coolant condition is not recognized during a service of your Porsche or the service inspection is skipped, it can damage the water pump.

Any previous overheating of your Porsche that may have occurred in the past can cause issues. Seals are made of rubber and can easily become useless after a vehicle has overheated. Also, the water pump or the area it is mounted on the engine could become warped during overheating and causing your water pump to fail and leak. Keeping your car’s coolant system in good condition with regular servicing by certified technicians can keep your water pump lasting for years.

Lastly, a water pump can fail if it was changed and installed improperly. This usually occurs on a high-end vehicle like the Porsche whenever the person who installed the water pump was not trained on how to repair it properly.

Keeping a Healthy Water Pump

At AutoScope, our certified technicians understand Porsche’s complexities and those of other highly engineered imported vehicles. By allowing us to maintain proper and scheduled maintenance on your Porsche, issues such as a water pump failure and other problems can be found before they occur and leave you stranded on the road. Contact our professional team today to establish regular servicing of your vehicle.

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