Vintage Porsche Service | 356 Speedster

Need vintage Porsche service?

Check out our customer’s very clean classic Porsche 356 “Speedster,” in to see one of our vintage Porsche service experts. That’s right, we do it all!

We’re not just handy with newer cars, but classics too! That includes the highly collectible air-cooled Porsches of yore (like this 356, the 914, 912, and, of course, the iconic 911), as well as the classic transaxle-era cars (like the 924, 944, 968, and 928).  At Autoscope Porsche Car Repair, we have been working on Porsches for over 35 years. So, for many of these cars, we’ve been working on them since they were new. That means we have the experience and the expertise necessary to repair and service all Porsche models, not just the later ones.

Protect Your Investment

With the market for the older air-cooled Porsches being what it is these days, you simply can’t afford to risk taking your classic Porsche just anywhere for service. No, classic Porsches require a specialist’s attention. They require an expert who knows your car’s specific needs and who can accurately diagnose its peculiar issues when they arise. With your classic Porsche, enjoy the peace of mind afforded by having your maintenance and repairs performed by the qualified vintage Porsche service and repair specialists at Autoscope.

Questions? Want to know more about getting service or repairs at Autoscope for your vintage Porsche? Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Ready to come in? Come by one of our 3 convenient DFW locations or schedule an appointment today.

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