Three Things You Can Do To Extend Your Car’s Battery Life

It’s really never a good time to have to jump off your car…

Even though you know that the battery in your car is a critical component (your car simply will not start without one), you probably don’t think too hard about just how heavily you depend on it day in and day out. In fact, you probably don’t think about your car’s battery life much at all…until it’s dead.

Considering that we all have to rely on these batteries to work consistently, and flawlessly, through all manner of shifting conditions like different seasons, weather, temperatures, etc., it only makes sense to use the absolute best car batteries available. That’s why we only offer the legendarily dependable batteries from Interstate Batteries, the #1 replacement car battery since 1965.

Their guaranteed longevity, backed by an industry-leading warranty, means you won’t need to think about your car’s battery life for a long, long time. But even the best batteries can’t last forever, unfortunately. There are, however, some simple things that you can do to help extend your car’s battery life.

Three things you can do to extend your car’s battery life:

1.Use a battery tender if you don’t use the car as your main vehicle.

To allow your battery to recharge from the alternator, frequent drive cycles are needed. If the battery isn’t getting the time to recharge during the drive cycle it prematurely loses charging capacity. As a battery sits while not being used it gradually loses the ability to hold a charge until it eventually dies. Using a battery tender for cars that don’t see that much drive time will help extend the life of a battery that doesn’t get used often. Battery tenders release a slow trickle of energy into the battery to keep the charge up and maintain the charging capacity of the battery without overcharging it. 


2. Clean the corrosion off both terminals and ensure they are well connected.

As with most things in life, clean and well-maintained components simply work better and this is equally true for battery terminals, as well! Dirty battery terminals prevent the even and efficient flow of electricity through the battery and to the components that need it. Parts without enough energy can’t work as efficiently as they should and excessive stress on these parts can be taxing on related components and lead to premature failure (needing costly repairs). It is a vicious cycle!

3. Avoid sitting with the battery powering your radio or accessories while the engine is off.

We all enjoy listening to good music, but try not to do it with the engine off. Various things like the radio, Bluetooth, and chargers for your phone and other mobile devices while the car’s engine isn’t running draw significant amounts of power from your battery. If your battery is already low, you run the risk of it not being able to start your car when you’re ready to hit the road again, and you increase the strain on the car’s charging system to replenish the battery while you drive.

Having your car not start when you really need it is the worst and it never happens at a convenient time, if there even is such a thing as a convenient time for a dead battery! By following these three tips, by having your mechanic perform a basic maintenance inspection at every oil change, and by having a good relationship with your repair shop, you have a much better chance of avoiding inopportune headaches like a dead battery.

If you need help with checking your battery terminals, using a battery tender, or anything else just swing by or make an appointment online today! When it’s time to replace the battery, the European car repair experts at Autoscope can take care of that for you quickly and affordably while testing your charging system to ensure everything is operating as it should and that you’ll be getting the most life out of your battery.

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