How To Tell If Your Porsche’s IMS Bearing Is Failing

Depending on the model of your Porsche, you may be more susceptible to an IMS bearing failing. But don’t let the fear of this possibility ruin the joy of owning a Porsche. By equipping yourself with the knowledge of IMS bearing failure and what symptoms to look out for, you can proactively attend to your vehicle by sending it for repair with qualified European auto mechanics.

It’s important to be highly aware of the symptoms of an IMS bearing failure. Unfortunately, the most obvious symptoms of this failure indicate that the issue is much more severe and is close to causing a great amount of damage.

If you suspect that your Porsche might be experiencing the infamous IMS bearing failure, be on the lookout for the symptoms below.

Your Porsche Model is Prone to IMS Bearing Failure

Unfortunately, some Porsche models are more prone to IMS bearing failure than others. If you happen to own a Boxster, Cayman or 911 from the years 1997 to 2008, your Porsche is at risk of IMS bearing failure. Exceptions to this particular issue include Porsche models Turbo, GT2 and GT3.

Models outside of this date range generally experience less IMS bearing failure as a result of a change in the type of bearings. Mileage doesn’t generally have an effect on when IMS bearing failures typically occur. If you do have a model that fits within these models and date range, it’s recommended that you pay close attention to the following symptoms in order to ensure that you seek auto service for your IMS bearing failure as soon as possible.

Pay Extra Attention When Changing Your Oil

It’s best practice to check your oil every so often, in addition to your regular oil changes. When checking your oil, pay extra attention to any presence of metallic debris in the oil filter or in the oil itself. When this occurs, it is almost always a sign that balls within the bearing or plastic from the IMS bearing seal have failed to some degree.

Of course, oil changes are a great opportunity for auto repair shops to take a deeper look at your engine, so oil changes as frequently as possible are always recommended to keep tabs on the health of your vehicle’s inner workings.

A Later Diagnosis for Porsche IMS Bearing Failure

While we would hope that it wouldn’t come to this, if the IMS bearing failure has progressed significantly, you will likely hear loud rattling noises when starting the engine or pressing the accelerator. At this point, we would advise refraining from driving your Porsche any further to save it from further damage and seek auto service from AutoScope as soon as possible.

What Causes IMS Bearing Failure?

IMS bearing failure in Porsches is caused by an erosion of the seal on the IMS bearing unit itself, resulting in insufficient lubrication of the bearings. As you might expect, insufficient lubrication leads to corrosion and damage to the bearings, leading to the metallic pieces that can be found in the oil or oil filter. This is why it’s very important to pay close attention to your oil and filter whenever checking or changing your Porsche’s oil.

We hope that when equipped with the knowledge of which symptoms to spot, Porsche owners will be able to seek out the service their vehicle needs to repair the IMS bearing issue. However, if the problem goes on too long, the engine will need to be rebuilt or replaced.

Auto Repair for Your Porsche

A failed IMS bearing can cause serious damage to Porsches, especially when not attended to as soon as possible by a qualified auto repair mechanic. Generally, it is recommended that you keep up with regular maintenance and pay close attention to the health of your Porsche’s general functions. In addition to this, you may want to seek the advice of a qualified mechanic to see if replacing the IMS bearing for a new version would be the best solution for you.

For all of your Porsche’s service needs, reach out to AutoScope. AutoScope is dedicated to providing the best auto repair service to European-made car owners that is affordable and long-lasting, giving you the confidence to go back on the road.

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