What Will Happen to Your BMW Without Regular Oil Changes? 

What happens if you’re too busy driving your BMW around to get your oil change? You invested in a great European vehicle, but like every vehicle, it needs regular maintenance in order to perform properly.

Once you let an oil change slide a little bit past schedule, it may be tempting to keep neglecting it. After all, nothing really happened when you skipped the oil change, right? It’s not like the vehicle broke down or started to make noise or something?

While you may not have noticed it, going without proper oil for any amount of time will have negative effects on your vehicle and more the longer you leave it. Manufacturers calculate when vehicles need oil changes very carefully. They know you don’t want to do them, but the vehicle does need oil. Here’s what you need to know about what will happen to your BMW without regular oil changes.

What Does Oil Do in a Vehicle?

Your BMW’s engine is full of moving parts made of metal and other tough materials. The bearing, pistons, valve train, and many other parts of the engine create friction as they move. They need to be lubricated with motor oil in order to stay in good condition. That’s the most basic job, but there are many more.

Your technician pours motor oil into the vehicle and it runs through a filter, then into all of the key components of the vehicle. It is slowly circulated through until it reaches the motor oil pan and then starts the cycle again. As it goes, it heats up and picks up debris, which the filter catches. Both processes tax the oil until it is no longer functional.

Motor oil has many other properties that help keep your vehicle running properly. For example, it prevents oxidation or rust with antioxidants. It prevents other corrosion of the metal surfaces with detergents. Other foam inhibitors stop the oil from bubbling as much, which can prevent it from working properly.

It doesn’t just pick up debris it also helps to pull debris away from the motor with dispersants. They bond with the carbon-based debris and keep it from the engine parts. Lastly, motor oil also contains zinc which slows the rate at which the different parts of the vehicle break down.


Potential Damages If You Miss an Oil Change

So, what exactly happens when you miss an oil change? Your oil’s many additive properties may no longer work properly, and this can negatively affect your engine by allowing it to wear down faster, rust, corrode, and experience other problems.

The other major problem is that your oil filter will get overfull with debris and not be able to capture more. It will restrict the flow of the oil through the engine and leave some spots poorly lubricated. Plus, what lubrication is available will have more particles and debris in it.

Both will allow engine parts to wear down in friction and create even metal shavings and other serious issues. Parts may soon break down from the stress. This additional wear is all throughout the vehicle, so even if one part breaks and you replace it, then you will still have many other parts with reduced lifespans because of this damage.

As a result, you can expect your vehicle to need more maintenance, have a higher likelihood to need repairs, and be less fuel-efficient.

When Does My BMW Need an Oil Change?

Every vehicle manufacturer releases a schedule about when their vehicles need oil changes. BMW oil changes are every 12 months or certain mileage-based off-driving. At first, the vehicle does not need it too often, but these schedules frequently pick up as the vehicle ages. It will create more debris as it is older.

If you don’t know, your automobile technicians can usually tell you what your vehicle needs and when it last had an oil change so that you can be confident you’re taking proper care of your BMW.

Schedule an Oil Change Today

The longer you leave a missed oil change untended, the worse it will be on your vehicle. If you’re not sure if you need one, or you know that you do, schedule your oil change at one of our three locations conveniently online.






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