Should You DIY The Maintenance On Your BMW?

Doing your own car maintenance can be appealing. This is especially true when you have some knowledge of cars since it can mean saving money that would otherwise be spent on labor and parts costs from your local auto service shop. But with the advantage of saving money upfront comes some drawbacks when you DIY service your own BMW.

Warranty, Warranty, Warranty

When you purchased your vehicle, you may not have listened too closely to the warranty terms that came with your vehicle, but it’s important to know what can void your warranty should anything happen in the future.

One of the most common ways to void your vehicle’s factory or dealership warranty is by not having consistent maintenance records from a qualified auto service shop. It’s not usually necessary that your vehicle’s maintenance is completed by the dealership, but it is typically required that all vehicle maintenance service and repairs are completed at an auto shop by a ticketed mechanic.

Simply put, your at-home oil change won’t have the records necessary in order to prove that it was done and done properly.

No Guaranteed Quality of Work

Knowledge of mechanics, as well as safety, are two major concerns when completing your own BMW car maintenance. All auto mechanics must go through official training that not only teaches them the correct skills and techniques needed to perform maintenance but also teaches them about safety and the associated risks with any job. It’s highly possible that you might see some safety concerns when doing your own car maintenance but what about the safety concerns that you don’t know about?

At AutoScope, we are passionate about delivering a highly personalized experience, which means that we treat every vehicle and customer individually and with careful attention to the highest quality of work.

Tools and Capabilities

Part of a quality auto service comes from the experience and attention to detail from an auto mechanic, but the other comes from the availability of necessary tools, facilities and parts in order to complete the job properly. When you service your vehicle in your home garage, it’s highly likely that you won’t have the exact tools necessary to properly change and secure parts. Imagine getting halfway through your DIY maintenance task and realizing that you need a part that you don’t have?

At AutoScope, we are able to provide every customer with high-quality auto service using factory diagnostic tools and equipment that are the same as those found at any BMW dealership.

Longevity Over Upfront Costs

Preventative maintenance saves you tons – both in peace of mind and in your wallet! Additionally, doing your maintenance correctly the first time means you aren’t doubling up on costs when you have to fix a DIY repair that wasn’t completed to standard.

We know that maintenance costs can be a burden. At AutoScope, we want to provide you with a high quality of work, but we don’t forget about what costs can mean for you. That’s why we also try to save you money, both in the maintenance costs but in keeping your vehicle in top shape to get you the most out of your time on the road.

Your Time is Valuable

In the end, trying to learn how to fix your own BMW can take time, especially when you’re dedicated to doing it right. Rather than taking your vehicle to the shop where your trusted auto mechanic can do it with ease, you could spend hours simply researching the right instructions and parts for your particular make and model of your BMW.

When you bring your BMW to AutoScope, you spend as little time fiddling with tools and away from your daily routine. While your BMW is in the shop, you can go about your day with our free shuttle service!

Maintenance Projects You Should Never Try

If you still want to DIY at least some of your BMW service, at least avoid trying to tackle these common service projects:

● Paint And Body Work
● Electrical Issues
● Windshield Replacement
● Fuel System And Transmission Service
● Air Conditioning System
● Brake Plumbing And Reservoir Replacement
● Airbag Issues And Replacement

Drive Your BMW Confidently

If it’s time for your BMW’s maintenance, call us at AutoScope for full service caring & professional car service!

Our team at AutoScope specializes in German and European cars such as Audi, Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes. If you’re in the Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Flower Mound and Irving areas, we’re here to help you drive confidently. Schedule your appointment at AutoScope today! Contact us online here.

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