Common Fault Codes & What They Mean To Your BMW

With so many moving parts, there are countless fault codes that tell you what needs attention on your BMW. Your OBD system detects faults in your car and displays a trouble code that tells you and your mechanic what needs service in order to get your vehicle back on the road.

While there are many BMW fault codes, here are the most common fault codes and their meanings to watch out for in your Bimmer.

BMW Fault Code: P1014

If your BMW presents the fault code P1014, it’s highly likely a result of an issue with your vehicle’s valvetronic eccentric shaft sensor. “Valvetronic Eccentric Shaft Sensor Reference” is a general description for this particular code, with more specific diagnostics available from manufacturers and experienced European auto mechanics.

This code indicates that your vehicle is in need of immediate service from a BMW mechanic.

BMW Fault Code: P1017

When the P1017 fault code is displayed on a BMW, it indicates “Valvetronic Eccentric Shaft Sensor Plausibility.” This code, though similar, is not the same as P1014. It can be caused by particular conditions such as poor electrical connections in the shaft sensor or a missing reluctor on your BMW’s valvetronic eccentric shaft sensor.

The fault code P1017 does indicate that your BMW requires attention and repair from a qualified BMW mechanic.

BMW Fault Code: P1023

When this code is displayed, it corresponds with the description: “Valvetronic Adjustment Range.” Similar to the codes above, this code is related to the health of your BMW’s valvetronic eccentric shaft in the engine.

Once you’ve detected this fault code in your vehicle, it’s important to have your BMW’s P1023 code diagnosed by a qualified BMW mechanic in order to determine the exact cause and best course of action to repair the issue in your vehicle.

BMW Fault Code: P1030

The valvetronic system in your BMW’s engine is designed to improve fuel economy and emissions. In addition to this, the valvetronic system decreases frequent need for your BMW to engage the throttle body. Unfortunately, many fault codes are related to this particular element in the engine, including P1030 which indicates the description “Valvetronic Monitoring Sluggish Movement.” This means that a few possible things could be happening within your engine: faulty valvetronic motor, eccentric motor harness is either open, shorted, or the electrical connection with the motor circuit is insufficient.

BMW Fault Code: P10DF

The P10DF fault code indicates “Valvetronic Overload Protection Output Stage System Shutdown.” This first presents itself as the check engine light, and then, once checked with an OBD system, the code P10DF will appear. Possible causes of this include user abuse on the engine, frequent open-loop or high resistance in the valvetronic system.

Once you’ve found the fault code in your vehicle, it’s important to have your BMW assessed by a BMW mechanic in order to determine the cause and best way to repair the issue in your vehicle.

BMW Fault Code: P10E0

When the valvetronic actuator mode does not meet standard functionality for your BMW, the engine control module will indicate the fault code P10E0, which means “Valvetronic Overload Protection Control Motor System Shutdown.” This is typically the result of poor electrical connections or an open or shorted circuit within the valvetronic actuator motor.

When you detect this fault code, visit one of our experienced European auto mechanics to receive service that will ensure your BMW’s issues are resolved.

BMW Fault Code: P10E1

A P10E1 fault code means “Valvetronic System No Travel Detected,” which is typically the result of poor electrical connections or an open or shorted circuit within the valvetronic actuator motor. When detected, it’s highly recommended that you seek immediate attention from a certified auto mechanic, ideally one that is experienced in working with the unique systems within European cars, such as BMW, Audi and Lexus.

BMW Fault Code: P10E7

The fault code P10E7 references the description “Valvetronic Overload Protection Output Stage Overload.” This is likely caused by a faulty valvetronic actuator motor, which affects the timing of your engine’s intake and exhaust valves, leading to a reduction in the quality of your BMW’s performance.

BMW Fault Code: P10E8

When you notice the fault code P10E8 on your BMW diagnostics, this means a “Valvetronic Control Motor Overload.” This code arises when your engine’s overload protection is triggered and demonstrates that the health of your motor is compromised, often from a faulty motor, motor harness or electrical connection.

The Service Your BMW Needs

It’s important to know that, while codes can contain the same numbers from Audi to BMW to Lexus, every code means something different depending on the make of your vehicle. When your car displays one of the above fault codes, it’s always recommended that you seek immediate assistance from an experienced BMW mechanic.

With years of experience in European auto service, the team at AutoScope is here to get your BMW working like new. Call us today to book a repair or service at (214) 462-7863, we’re always here to answer your questions!

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