When to Change the Oil in Your Mercedes-Benz

Motor engine technology has come a long way. We’ve moved past the days of carburetors, distributors and regular engine oil to fuel injectors, ignition systems and long-life synthetic oils, meaning that you don’t need to change your oil every 3,000 miles anymore.

So, how do you know how often you DO need to change the oil in your Mercedes-Benz? Read on to discover what factors you should consider when determining your optimal oil-change period.

Mercedes-Benz Oil Change Frequency

Oil change intervals aren’t impossible to figure out, and the easiest place to start is in your glove box. Open the owner’s manual of your Mercedes-Benz, and you’ll find out the recommended number of miles you can drive before changing the oil. You’ll even quickly discover how much oil you’ll need to use, and what type of oil your engine asks for. It’s the perfect starting off point, but that doesn’t mean your search is over!

Cars function differently depending on what type of driving you do; what region of the country you live in (and thus, what type of weather your car is subject to); and of course, how well their general maintenance is kept up.

The first thing you should consider is your driving style. Taking frequent, shorter trips may seem less stressful on your car’s engine, but it’s quite the opposite. Frequent, short trips don’t give your car enough time to heat up to optimal temperature.

Highway driving – or longer distance driving done at generally higher speeds – on the other hand, gives your car’s engine plenty of time to warm up and reach the optimal operating temperature, and stay there for the duration of your drive. This sort of driving means less oil contamination, as the higher temperatures allow for the combustion mechanism to function more efficiently.

It also means that any trapped moisture – usually in the form of condensation – will burn off during the combustion process, keeping the motor oil cleaner, longer. The longer your journey is, the cleaner your engine will run, producing lower emissions, using less oil and improving the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

How Often Should I Change My Mercedes-Benz Oil?

What type of oil you use in your Mercedes Benz also makes a big difference when determining how often you need to change your oil. These days, all Mercedes-Benz models recommend synthetic oil – that’s pretty much true for every car built after 2010.

Generally, modern automobile engines run much cleaner than older models, and the synthetic oil will practically double the length of time you can run with the same engine oil. Newer Mercedes vehicles that aren’t driven too heavily will probably only need an oil change every 10,000 miles or so if synthetic oil is being used.

If you are driving an older Mercedes-Benz vehicle, however, and you do not use synthetic oil, then you’re probably better off changing your oil at the 5,000-mile mark, even with the same driving style.

Adjust for Differences

Just because you always change your engine oil at a certain interval, doesn’t mean that the same interval will be right forever. If you are taking a big trip through the mountains for example, which pushes your engine to work harder, you will probably want to change your oil at a shorter interval before and after the trip. The same goes for cold weather snaps that may make it harder for your engine to heat up to its optimal combustion temperature.

To keep your car running more efficiently, it is important to change your oil regularly. If you have any questions about the best oil change interval for your Mercedes Benz, check with a service professional and find out how to keep your Mercedes-Benz in optimal condition.

Schedule an Oil Change for Your Mercedes-Benz in the Dallas, TX Area

When it is time for an oil change, it is beneficial to bring your Mercedes-Benz to a facility with Mercedes expertise. While you may be tempted to bring your sedan, crossover or SUV to a local quick lube place in the Dallas area for an oil change, you are missing out on the benefit of having a Mercedes-Benz technician on-site, who will do a full vehicle inspection during your oil change service and schedule your vehicle for any maintenance or repair that needs to be done.


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