Meet the man who just bought first Bugatti Chiron in Dallas

Mayur Shree of Dallas has become the first in the city to purchase a $3.2M Chiron.

The buying process wasn’t merely walking into the nearest dealer’s showroom and signing on the dotted line, though…

First Bugatti Chiron in Dallas

Buying the first Bugatti Chiron in Dallas “was almost like adopting a child,” reports The Dallas Morning News (emphasis added). The article explains:

“Shree even had to provide the French automaker with his exotic car resume, a vetting process designed to keep Chirons in the garages of connoisseurs rather than investors. After placing his $250,000 deposit, Shree waited for two years for the car to arrive, just so he could give it to his father.”

Oh yeah, that’s right… Then he just gave it away.

Check out the full story here.

[Source: The Dallas Morning News]

Image via Andy Jacobsohn/The Dallas Morning News

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