Is It Safe To Drive With A Misfiring Engine?

It can be frustrating to figure out what’s wrong with your vehicle and what the severity of the issue really is, even before taking it to your trusted auto service shop.

The daunting feeling that comes with vehicle malfunctions is certainly true when you experience engine misfiring. When you suspect that you have a misfiring engine, your first instinct is to test to see if you can drive your vehicle safely in order for you to carry on with your daily life and responsibilities. But is it really safe to drive with a misfiring engine? First, let’s talk about what a misfiring engine means, as well as the signs and symptoms of a misfiring engine.

What is Happening During an Engine Misfire?

Unless you’re avidly interested in what it takes to make up an engine, you may not be aware of the three main components that are required of an engine in order to generally function: fuel, oxygen and a spark to ignite the fuel.

Since there are three critical elements to an engine, each element can lead to a host of issues when it comes to functionality. In the end, though, engine misfires often cause damage to other parts of your engine, especially when left without professional help for a long period of time. Some parts that are commonly affected by engine misfires are the oxygen sensors or the catalytic converter.

Back to the three components of an engine: the spark, the fuel and the oxygen. All of these components can be the root of a misfire, which is why it’s important to know how each part affects your engine’s performance.

Engine Misfire and the Spark

The parts of the engine that cause the park require a great deal of wear and friction in order to do their job as effectively as possible. As a result, these parts are also in need of replacement over time. Over time, the engine misfires will become increasingly obvious and, in this case, can be as simple as having our team at AutoScope replace the spark plugs for you.

Engine Misfire and Fuel

When it comes to fuel, there are a few related parts that become a factor for your engine misfires: clogged fuel filters, dirty fuel injectors, fuel pump or the mass airflow sensor. In this case, look for irregular sounds and performance especially when you’re idling or at very low speeds.

Engine Misfire and Mechanical Issues

As is to be expected for many parts of the vehicle, mechanical issues can occur. Some areas where wear and malfunction can occur include:

● Vacuum lines are disconnected to the intake manifold
● Cracks or disconnections in any lines
● Worn manifold gaskets
● Jumped timing belt
● Damaged valve train

Mechanical issues can be quite evident at high speeds, causing vibration or backfires. This means that it’s highly important that you take your vehicle to a trusted professional for a closer look and diagnosis.

Signs of a Misfiring Engine

So, you have a hunch that your engine is misfiring, but you might not know what exact symptoms you should be looking out for. After years of experience working on all different types of vehicles and specializing in European cars, here’s what to look out for when you suspect something is wrong with your vehicle:

● Popping or sneezing sound, which indicates a misfiring cylinder
● The sounds of backfiring
● Reduced gas mileage (which leads to increased emissions)
● Incorrect ignition timing
• Vibrations at idle
● Check engine light

As you can tell, determining what is wrong with your vehicle can involve all of the senses – smell, sound and sight. But, for the best diagnosis, years of experience in working with all different types and ages of vehicles can go a long way.

The longer you wait to fix your engine misfire, the more risk you run of causing more serious and long-term damage. If you experience any of these sounds, have a mechanic inspect the engine as soon as possible.

So, the answer to Is It Safe to Drive With A Misfiring Engine? An emphatic NO!

When In Doubt, Visit AutoScope

If you’re not sure whether your car is experiencing a misfiring engine, the best course of action is to seek the qualified help of one of AutoScope’s talented European auto mechanics.

AutoScope serves the Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Flower Mound and Irving areas with high-quality auto service for European vehicles such as Audi, Porsche, BMW and Mercedes. Let an engine misfire be just a distant memory instead of a constant headache by bringing your vehicle to us at AutoScope! Schedule your appointment at AutoScope today! Contact us online here.

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