Does Your Rolls-Royce Need its Air Suspension Repaired?

If you drive a Rolls Royce Phantom or Ghost, we don’t need to tell you they offer one of the smoothest rides out there. The luxurious feel of this bump-free ride is thanks to the air-cushioned suspension Rolls-Royce installs. Their suspension system literally adjusts to every bump in the road. The result is unsurpassed enjoyment regardless of the road’s character. You experience a smooth journey wherever you travel. However, that doesn’t mean you will never encounter issues.

As with any vehicle, regardless of brand and quality, you can face suspension issues that interfere with your driving experience. Here we review the tell-tale signs your Rolls-Royce needs its air suspension repaired.

How the Rolls-Royce Air Suspension Works

The beauty of the Phantom and Ghost air suspension lies in a design featuring a leading-edge chassis design on all four corners. As a result, these models offer dynamic handling and safety systems including Active Roll Stabilization. In hand with the four-corner air springs, the Variable Damping Control works to create comfort and safety on the roughest roads. The fine-tuning of the air suspension system allows the Phantom and Ghost to respond to small changes on the surface.

In fact, the system is so finely designed that movement in the car’s interior can trigger minor adjustments. As a result, even if a passenger switches their seat, the suspension system responds. The highly sensitive sensors work with the computer system all the while reading inputs to respond in real-time. Unfortunately, it is the highly sensitive nature of the air suspension that can also make these Rolls-Royce models more susceptible to damage or issues that require the attention of a mechanic experienced in European auto repair.


Air-Filled Struts

Rolls Royce offers a smoother ride than other luxury vehicles thanks to the addition of compressed air. Hence the term, air suspension. This provides the cushioning that keeps the vehicle responsive to even slightly uneven surfaces. The contained air supports the tonnage of the vehicle providing an impressive ride. Unfortunately, the system can encounter two potential problems:

    1. Compressor: The most common reason for a failing air suspension is a leak that lowers pressure levels. The leak causes the automatically controlled compressor to struggle to maintain the sprung weight of this heavy vehicle. There is no longer enough pressurized air to keep it floating. This can lead to more serious issues including compressor failure. It is important to have an assessment the moment you feel your air suspension is off as if you continue to drive the car, it will overwork the system. As a result, your luxury vehicle will drive like an old second-hand lemon.
    2. Sensors: One of the frustrations of technology is often one tiny component can have issues that have a domino effect. You can encounter issues with the sensors, which are the components that provide the quick responsiveness that keeps your ride smooth. When the sensors fail, so too does your air suspension. These issues are often much easier to contend with than compressor issues, but still require attention to get the system back to optimum performance levels.

The good news is that most air suspension problems are easily resolved. However, it’s not something you want to put off. The sooner you get it checked out, the sooner the issue can be repaired, so you can get back to the smooth ride you’ve become accustomed to enjoying.

Symptoms of Air Suspension Problems

In the case of your Rolls-Royce when experiencing issues you can receive either a warning light or experience vehicle failure. Issues with air suspension tend to make your car feel like it is “leaning” to the right or left as you drive. Although it is usually more noticeable at the front of the car, in some cases it might be felt in the rear. You might also feel like your car is sitting lower to the ground.

Of course one of the most obvious symptoms of issues with your air suspension system is experiencing a bumpier ride. As mentioned above, you might find your car is suddenly driving like a domestic vehicle. One last symptom is compressor issues. Since the compressor is often affected, you will also notice your compressor fails to come on or that it is continuously running.

If you notice issues with your Rolls Royce you want to have it assessed as soon as possible by a qualified European auto repair service. For a smooth ride make sure to call the experts at AutoScope.



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