Should I Be Concerned About The Bump On My Tire?

Bumps, bubbles and bulges – regardless of the name, you’ve noticed that your tire isn’t looking as it should. Is it a problem that needs fixing? Is it safe to drive? With years of working on European cars under our belt, here’s what we at AutoScope want you to know about tire bulging.

Causes for Tire Bulging

Tire bulging is pretty much as it sounds; your tire is showing an abnormal egg-like bump on the side or tread of your tire (most commonly the sidewall). While this doesn’t happen to every vehicle, there are some common causes for tire bulging, which include:

  • Potholes and Harsh Roads. Hitting a pothole, railway track or even drastic speed bumps can cause your tire to become pinched, breaking the inner lining of the tire and allowing a bubble to appear.
  • Manufacturing Flaws. We hate to admit it, but sometimes manufacturing mistakes can occur that cause your tire to be less than perfect. This may affect the integrity of the tire and its ability to withstand harsh road conditions, or simply cause a bubble without much instigation.
  • Extreme Cold. Unfortunately for those of you who live in colder climates, the low temperatures can affect the rubber of your tire which can cause tire bulging.

Tire bulging is not an issue that you should ignore. Once you notice irregular wear and bubbling or bulging in your tires, it’s time to take your tire into a professional auto mechanic for inspection and replacement. If tire bulging is left unattended, there is a likely possibility of a sudden failure or blowout, especially at fast highway speeds.

Preventing Tire Bulge

Luckily, since tire bulge is most commonly due to driving conditions, there are some things that you can do to avoid tire bulge on the road.

Avoiding Potholes and Abrupt Obstacles

We know – you don’t mean to approach that speed bump so quickly, to run over that deep pothole; but, if you want to prioritize the longevity of your tires (and other functions of your vehicle) it will take some more awareness of the road conditions in front of you. Whenever possible, avoid potholes, taking speed bumps too fast, or running over that parking lot curb.

Routine Car Maintenance

You’ve heard it before, but we will say it again: routine car maintenance can help you avoid more costly repairs and replacement down the road. This philosophy applies to tire bulging too! Tire bulging occurs most commonly as a result of harsh road conditions, but this can be exacerbated when your tires are over- or under-inflated.

Routine care maintenance by a certified auto mechanic means that your tires are properly inflated on a consistent basis. Additionally, preventative maintenance can monitor your suspension, tire rotation, and wheel alignment, ensuring that your tires experience even wear and tear rather than irregular tread wear or bulging. In the end, this helps your tires to last as long as possible before having to replace them.

The lesson here? The low cost of consistent maintenance of your tires (and every other part of your vehicle) can result in the reduction of more elevated costs associated with repairs and replacements down the road. Preventative maintenance is always the best solution for lowering your overall vehicle maintenance costs.

The Fix

Unfortunately, once tire bulges occur, they are not really reversible.

This means that you will likely need to go ahead with replacing your tire completely. In some cases where the tire was faulty and the inner lining was not up to snuff, you may be able to submit a claim to your manufacturer. Don’t forget to have the rest of your tires checked for damages, and if they’re worn past 50%, it may be better to replace them now. A mechanic can help you determine if this is the case by removing your tire and inspecting it. After this, keep the receipt for the mechanic’s inspection and submit a claim to the tire manufacturer for reimbursement of the tire and the work completed to determine the issue.

At AutoScope, we are not only able to replace your tire quickly so you can get back to your daily activities, but we are also able to help you source the best tire for your needs.

Getting Back on the Road

Your European car was meant to be on the road, not in the shop! AutoScope serves the Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Flower Mound, and Irving areas with high-quality auto service for Audi, Porsche, BMW and Mercedes vehicles. We offer routine maintenance services and repairs, all done by certified mechanics. Schedule your auto service appointment at AutoScope today! Contact us online here.

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