How Regular Vehicle Maintenance Saves You Money

We know that it can be hard to schedule your vehicle maintenance. When life is busy, getting a check-up for your car can seem like something you can delay without much consequence. However, avoiding your mechanic’s shop for the little things can end up costing you a whole lot more. The general principle behind this is simple: vehicles are complex machines and when one thing is a little off, it creates a ripple effect.

Next thing you know, you’re facing a massive repair bill, or sinking too much into your vehicle for gas, or saying goodbye to the vehicle you love. Here’s a practical explanation of how regular maintenance will actually save you money, as well as save you from headaches and heartaches.

Prevent Repairs

When your vehicle has regular maintenance, it is less likely to need repairs. Here’s a basic example: if you skip your oil change for long enough, your vehicle will develop oil sludge. Further, many different parts of your vehicle will be poorly lubricated which means that they may end up damaged. The small cost of an oil change far outweighs the cost of getting an inspection, getting sludge removed, finding the damaged parts of your vehicle and repairing or replacing them.

Another good example is the brake pads. Many drivers feel that as long as they can stop their vehicle, it is fine to drive with worn brake pads. The problem is that you may be using the brakes more firmly than you should be to compensate for the worn pads. This, in turn, may cause other issues with the vehicle. A common result is worn tire treads that force you to replace your tires sooner than you’d planned. It costs more to replace tires and deal with other related issues than to simply get your brake pads replaced on a regular schedule.

Spend Less on Gas

These days many people choose luxury vehicles that are still compatible with their goals to reduce their impact on the environment and use less energy. Plus, it’s just more cost-effective to choose a vehicle that costs you less in fuel. However, when you miss maintenance milestones, you force your vehicle to run in less than ideal conditions. The result is often a drop in fuel economy, so you end up spending more on gas.


Prevent Emergency Break Downs

By delaying your vehicle’s maintenance, you make emergency breakdowns more likely. Eventually, a missed maintenance item can cause your vehicle to stop working. Major, emergency repairs are more expensive than regular maintenance. They can also be safety hazards.

Accidents can occur if you drive your vehicle when it is in poor condition. Even something that seems minor, like failing to replace your wiper blades, can become an emergency. If it starts to rain when your blades aren’t working and you lose visibility, you may get into a dangerous situation. The small cost of getting your blades inspected and changed far outweighs the potential cost of an accident not just in property damage but also in potential pain to yourself and to others.

Keep Your Vehicle for Longer

At AutoScope, we work with a lot of drivers who love their vehicles. They enjoy driving, have sentimental attachments to their vehicles, and want to keep that joy alive for as long as possible. However, if you’re driving a vehicle, eventually it will need to be replaced or, at least significantly rebuilt in order to run properly. Every vehicle has a lifespan, but regular maintenance can keep your vehicle in good condition for as long as possible. The better kept your vehicle, the longer you will have to enjoy it, and that also saves you the cost of replacing it with your next vehicle!

Is Your Vehicle Getting the Routine Maintenance It Needs?

Those drivers who are new to maintaining a luxury vehicle may not know what is needed to keep it in its best condition. In general, your vehicle will need at least these maintenance services:

● Oil changes
● Brake replacements (fluid, pads)
● Tire rotations
● Tire air pressure checks
● Wiper blade replacements
● Clutch inspections (if manual)
● Air filter replacement
● Battery, hose, belt checks

However, your vehicle may need more depending on its make and model. The experts at AutoScope can help you decide what kind of routine maintenance your vehicle should be getting and how often you need to schedule it.

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