7 Reasons Your European Auto has High Oil Pressure 

Whether it’s a Porsche or a Landrover, when your European auto has high oil pressure you should act quickly to get to the bottom of the issue. High oil pressure can be the result of another problem with your vehicle, from a blockage to a dirty filter. If left unchecked, high oil pressure can do further damage to your vehicle. Before you bring it in for some auto maintenance, learn about the seven potential reasons your European auto has high oil pressure and how to prevent the problem moving forward.

1. Engine Temperature

Is your engine cold? When it’s cold out, engine oil becomes thicker and it, therefore, puts more pressure on your car’s system. This is actually fine if the engine is off or if you just turned it on. Once the engine has been running for a bit, it’ll heat up the oil. When the oil is warmer it will be thinner and this will return the vehicle to normal pressure. If not, then something else is going on.

2. Oil Type

The type or grade of oil that you choose for your vehicle is very important. Oil grades have different thicknesses and will create different pressures in a vehicle. Your manufacturer has designed your vehicle to work with a certain grade of oil and choosing the wrong one can cause high oil pressure problems. Let the professionals guide you to the right oil for your vehicle during your oil change.

3. Oil Quality

Many different auto oil manufacturers make the same grades of oil. This means that when you’re buying the right oil, you still have the choice between a few different brands. While you might be tempted to choose the least expensive, poor-quality oil can cause high oil pressure problems. As you opted for a more expensive vehicle, you may need to buy a more expensive oil. However, we can help you make the most economical choice without undermining the performance of your vehicle.

4. Blockage

There are oil lines that carry your engine oil throughout the vehicle. If they have developed a blockage, then they can skyrocket the oil pressure. This blockage will also prevent oil from getting to parts of your engine, which can cause serious damage to the engine in a short period of time. This is the primary reason that you should get high oil problems checked out by a professional immediately. We can remove the blockage, and clean out the entire lubrication system, to prevent clogs in the future.

5. Relief Valve

As its name suggests, the relief valve is supposed to relieve the pressure in the lubrication system. When the pressure gets too high it is supposed to relieve pressure, up to a point. Sometimes high pressure can be caused by a relief valve that won’t open or won’t open completely. It maintains the pressure of the system, but in this case that creates a problem. Sometimes this is due to impurities in the oil that have gotten into the relief valve. The valve may need to be cleaned out or replaced entirely.

6. Oil Filter

Your vehicle’s oil filter is supposed to filter out impurities in the oil. Dirt, metal, and other debris could damage the engine if they are not removed from the oil. However, the filter itself can also get clogged up with this debris. It is only intended to take so much, and more than that can restrict the flow of the oil through the engine. This can create high-pressure problems. The oil filter should be cleaned out during your usual auto service to prevent this issue.

7. Pressure Gauge

What if it seems like none of these issues are affecting your vehicle? If your oil pressure if high but nothing seems to be wrong, the problem may be with the pressure gauge sensor itself. If the sensor is broken it could incorrectly tell you that the pressure is high when it is actually just fine. Most often, these broken gauges will need to be replaced.

Do you need help dealing with your European auto’s high oil pressure problem? We can get to the bottom of the problem for you and help you avoid this problem in the future so that you can keep your prized vehicle in great condition. Schedule your appointment at one of our three locations today! Contact us online here.





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