What Makes a BMW “High Performance”?

For many BMW owners, high performance is high on the priority list. In fact, BMW has been a consistent leader in the market of high-performance cars and has offered many options that excite the high-performance car enthusiast. But for many others, the idea of high performance can be a bit vague. So what makes a BMW high performance?

Defining High Performance

Largely, high performance refers to an exceptional level of speed and power, compared to standard vehicles for everyday commuters. For example, The BMW M Performance Family delivers outstanding power through its powerful engines that still remain fuel-efficient, plus other parts and systems within the vehicle.

While many BMWs are developed to be high performance, others that are great sedans that are perhaps not labeled as “high performance” when driven off the lot can be upgraded with the right knowledge and parts.

Some high-performance upgrades that can be made on BMWs as part of a specialized auto service at AutoScope include:

Upgraded Fuel Pumps

High-performance fuel pumps assist your engine in getting more fuel into your engine, which translates to having the right fuel volume and pressure that it needs.

Cold Air Intakes

Replacing a stock air intake system with a cold air intake improves the quality and rate of acceleration in your car, leading to more power in your engine. This is because cold air is more dense and oxygenated, giving you increased torque and acceleration capabilities.

Specialized Exhaust

A specialized exhaust system is typically installed alongside a cold air intake system to create a well-rounded intake and exhaust system.

Upgraded Suspension Parts

Upgraded parts including sway bars and coil springs can give your BMW an extra boost in agility by creating a more stiff suspension system.

High Performance in BMWs

Almost every part within the vehicle operates in tandem with other parts to form the kind of function that you would expect in any vehicle, from standard to high performance. In high-performance BMWs specifically, there are a few things to look out for that assist in creating that high-performance experience:

Exceptional Steering

When at high speeds, your ability to maneuver your vehicle as quickly as possible is key. With many BMWs, power steering and self-centering technology play a large role in excellent agility. This can be refined as an aftermarket, but if you’re looking at BMWs it is best to explore models that already offer this option. Some models of BMW offer feedback signals for steering.


Fortified Brake System

High performance doesn’t begin and end with the engine. If you are looking to maximize the high-performance capabilities of your BMW, installing a fortified brake system in your BMW is very important as it works to stop your BMW at high speeds.

Sticky or Specialized Tires

Traction is key when you expect your BMW to live up to the high speeds, tight corners, and acceleration that made you spring for a BMW in the first place. Ask your trusted auto service mechanic to help you source and install the right kind of tires for your driving habits.

Quality Suspension Systems

Keeping your ride smooth and your corners tight while at high speeds means having a specialized suspension system that can keep up with the high-performance engine in your BMW.

Aerodynamic Build

BMWs that are developed specifically for high performance on the road are typically designed with aerodynamic principles in mind. That means that the body of the vehicle is typically sleek, minimizing any points of friction and drag.

Attaining High Performance

While many BMW models are designed to deliver a high-performance experience right off the lot, there are certainly choices and upgrades that can be made to enhance this function even further. With the help and advice of a qualified auto service mechanic, you can confidently achieve the performance that you were after when purchasing your BMW in the first place.

If you live in the Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Flower Mound, and Irving areas, our team at AutoScope is here to help you get the most out of your BMW. With experience specifically with European vehicles such as Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, and, of course, BMW, an AutoScope mechanic is your go-to stop for high-performance solutions. Schedule your appointment at AutoScope today! Contact us online here.

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