How To Properly Winterize Your BMW

While not every city in Texas experiences harsh weather, even slightly cold weather shifts and light snow can change the conditions of your vehicle for the worse if you aren’t prepared. Here are our top tips to winterize your BMW and keep you safe on the roads.

Be Confident in Your Brakes

During the winter, there are many opportunities where your brakes’ quality is put to the test. Before the snow hits, have your brakes go through a detailed inspection, where the alignment of the brakes and life of the brake pads will be assessed and serviced if deemed necessary.

Visibility is Key to Safety

Your windshield’s clarity and integrity are essential to your visibility and safety on the road. While the easiest step to take in this area is to ensure that your windshield wiper fluid is always topped up, other important maintenance steps should also be taken. Windshield wipers should be in good working order and should be checked on a regular basis as winter conditions cause the wiper blades to dull quickly. Your windshield should be clear of large cracks and even the smallest chip should be filled before the cold causes it to crack further.

The headlights on your BMW should be working properly. This means that your headlights should be tested and adjusted to ensure proper alignment and effective brightness. If you’re not sure how to test this or align the headlights, bring your BMW for a winter service at AutoScope where our expert European auto mechanics will be able to ensure the best visibility while you’re on the road.

High Battery Capacity

The cold weather has a significantly negative effect on the capacity of your BMW’s battery, leaving you at risk of having trouble getting your car started. Our mechanics are able to service your battery completely, from assessing the battery level to replacing the battery altogether if that’s what needs to be done. Even after changing your battery, ensuring that your battery is charged up over the very cold nights is important.

Fluids, Oils and Coolants

Oil changes, antifreeze and engine coolants – these are all vital aspects to the successful functions in your BMW and are often forgotten about by many car owners. Cold temperatures take a toll on the inner workings of your BMW. When winter arrives, there’s less room for fluids to be left to the last minute.

Engine oil is also highly influenced by temperature. When the temperature is low, your BMW’s engine oil thickens, which can make your engine prone to damage. Changing your oil to a thinner oil is recommended during the winter to best lubricate your engine. Your mechanic at AutoScope can help you choose the proper oil for your BMW.

By taking your BMW in for regular maintenance, our team at AutoScope can ensure that all the fluids are at a satisfactory level and replaced when necessary, especially in the cold months when it matters most.

Emergency Kit in Your Trunk

Be ready for mishaps that cause you to pull to the side of the road with a fully equipped emergency kit. Whether poor weather causes a highway shutdown or your tire suddenly needs to be replaced with a spare, your emergency kit should include items that will keep you warm, including blankets and gloves, as well as basic tools to help you get your vehicle up-and-running should a common maintenance problem occur.

Some items that you will want in your emergency kit:

  • Shovel
  • Jumper cables
  • First aid kit
  • Tow rope
  • Blanket/ emergency warmth
  • Flashlight
  • Pylons
  • Something for traction, such as sand or traction pads

 Traction on Icy Roads

Winter tires are your best friend while on packed snow and black ice, especially when on an incline. Checking your tires for an ample amount of tread is the first step, but the recommended winterizing tactic is to replace your summer or all-season tires with tires that will work for cold temperatures.

The amount of clearance that your vehicle has from the ground is also something to consider when severe snowstorms are in the near future.

AutoScope can help you ensure that your BMW is equipped properly with the following services:

  • Alignments
  • Suspension Set-ups
  • Tire sales and installations

Winterize Your BMW for the Cold Months Ahead

AutoScope’s team of mechanics and European vehicle experts can help you ensure that your BMW is better equipped for the winter. We serve the Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Flower Mound and Irving areas to help car owners drive safe and satisfied. Call to book your service today by calling (214) 462-7863!

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