6 Signs Your BMW Has An Oil Leak & What To Do About It

Your engine oil is essential to how your BMW runs. According to HowStuffWorks, engine oil keeps the internal parts of your engine lubricated and cool, avoiding damage from friction and wear.

Not sure if your Bimmer has an oil leak? There is a combination of symptoms that you can look out for in order to catch your oil leak before it causes permanent damage to your vehicle. Here are 6 signs that your BMW has an oil leak and that you should seek the help of a certified BMW mechanic.

1. The Burning Oil Smell

Is your BMW producing an industrial smell? It’s likely that you will notice very quickly that your car needs some attention just by the smell that your car will create. If your car is producing that unmistakable burning smell, book an auto service and our experts can see if you have an oil leak.

2. Smoke Under the Hood

Aside from the smell, smoke under the hood is a sign that you have a significant oil leak. Upon seeing this, any mechanic would tell you that this is a result of your BMW leaking a large amount of oil. In this case, it’s important that you get an auto service specialist to look at your car for an oil leak to avoid potentially rapid deterioration.

3. Oil Pools or Slicks Under Your Vehicle

Not only are oil pools annoying because of the stain they leave on the driveway, they are also a noticeable indicator that your BMW needs a repair for an oil leak. If you notice a brown or yellow stain under your car, make an appointment for auto service as soon as possible.

4. Overheating

The purpose of engine oil is to keep parts lubricated, reducing friction and therefore reducing the amount of heat the engine produces. When there isn’t enough oil to lubricate the engine, overheating will occur. To watch out for this, keep an eye on your BMW’s engine thermometer to see if it is running hotter than it should be.

5. Watch Your Indicator Light

Your BMW is likely in need of an oil leak repair if your indicator light illuminates. This occurs when the level of oil or the pressure is too low. This indicates that something within your Bimmer is functioning as it should, so it is always recommended that you get your vehicle in for a mechanic to determine what auto service is needed.

On this note, you shouldn’t rely on your indicator light alone. It’s important to regularly check your engine oil. If levels are low, this is likely due to a leak, since engine oil isn’t ‘used up’ whenever the vehicle is operated.

6. Popping or Sizzling Noises

If oil is leaking onto hot components within your BMW’s mechanics, you will likely hear the sound of sizzling or popping. If you hear this, there is likely a leak and you should seek auto repair from a qualified BMW mechanic.

What Causes an Oil Leak

Your Bimmer may be experiencing an oil leak as a result of a few common problems:

  • Leak from a rear main seal, often a result of too much wear on the crankshaft
  • Oil filter housing gasket and timing cover gasket leak, which can lead to other problems if not attended to quickly
  • Valve cover gasket leaks, which are common after a few years of consistent driving, or approximately 60,000 miles
  • Oil pan gasket leak, which happens more often as the vehicle gets older

Get Your BMW Working Like New

We know that car troubles can be just that – troublesome. When it comes to oil leaks, it’s important to get qualified auto service as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage to your BMW engine.

At AutoScope, our dedication to providing the highest quality BMW auto care will allow you to get back on the road with confidence as soon as possible. By proactively looking after your Bimmer, you can save yourself time and money by avoiding much more serious and permanent damage to the crucial parts of your vehicle.

Our shops provide a high level of service to all our customers, serving the areas of Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Flower Mound, and Irving.

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