What to Do if Your Audi’s Head Gasket is Leaking

Head gasket problems are common in some Audis. If your Audi’s head gasket is leaking, then you should get it looked at right away. A blown head gasket is a very expensive repair, so it’s much better to fix your head gasket before the problem gets worse.

Certain Audis develop more gasket problems than others. In our experience, this includes the Audis A3s and Audi A4s. If you have an Audi A6, Audi TT or Audi Q7, the good news is that they develop head gasket problems than frequently than the other models but can still have problems. Here’s what you should know about head gasket problems if you have an Audi, including how to spot them and find the appropriate solution.

What’s the Head Gasket?

The head gasket is a seal in your engine. It sits between the engine block and the cylinder heads. It holds back oil and coolant from the engine, creating a sealed environment where internal combustion can take place.

A head gasket is a relatively inexpensive part of the vehicle, but it is very important. Being so central, it is hard for you to get into the engine enough to even look at the part. And a vehicle with a completely blow gasket will not run, or at least not for very long. It can seriously damage other significant parts of the engine. This problem requires professional help.

If your head gasket is only leaking, then it may be possible to use a head gasket sealer to prevent further damage to the vehicle while you drive it into the shop. However, we suggest you get professional advice on this, as if the sealer doesn’t work, your repairs may be significantly more expensive.

Signs that You Have Head Gasket Problems

A head gasket may leak, or it may have blown completely. The symptoms can be similar, and a leaking gasket can lead to a blown gasket, so it’s wise to be familiar with all of the symptoms of both. Those signs include:

  • Liquid leaking: Both oil and coolant leaks can be the result of an unsealed or blown head gasket, as the gasket holds back both liquids. Of course, there are many other potential causes of oil and coolant leaks so you may need your mechanic to investigate this one.
  • Overheating: If a gasket blows and leaks out coolant, your vehicle may overheat and become unsafe to drive. In this situation, you don’t want to try to assess the problem yourself as the leaking coolant will be very hot and could burn you.
  • Vehicle misfires: Gasket problems can cause your vehicle to misfire and fail to start. That’s because your gasket controls the balance of air and liquid in the engine, and imbalances can prevent combustion.
  • Wet spark plugs: If your spark plug is wet, then liquid has gotten where it shouldn’t. A gasket problem can even flood the spark plugs, preventing the engine from starting.
  • White smoke: By itself, white smoke or water vapor coming from your vehicle is typically a sign that coolant got into the engine. Typically, coolant can only get into the engine if there is a problem with your gasket.
  • Bubbling radiator: Liquids aren’t the only thing that the gasket controls. If it blows, it can allow air into the coolant reservoir, which can cause bubbling.

As you can see, a head gasket is an essential part of a vehicle and when it leaks or breaks, then various other parts of your Audi will be at risk.

What Causes Head Gasket Problems?

What has gone wrong that your vehicle has developed a head gasket problem?

  • Age: Older vehicles that have experienced more wear and tear are more likely to develop gasket problems.
  • Heat: Too much heat can distort the engine block, or stress the engine enough to blow the gasket.
  • Improper installation: When repairs are made to the gasket, it is possible that your mechanic makes an error and this leads to a gasket failure.
  • Design: Unfortunately, some vehicle designs may be more predisposed to developing gasket problems than others. There may have also been a problem with the manufacturing of your specific vehicle.

If your Audi has a leaking head gasket, don’t just use a gasket sealant. This issue could cause serious problems, and the longer you wait to get professional advice the more expensive the repairs are likely to be. Instead, seek out our help.

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